Bistro Sets & Tables

Bistro sets in the miniature garden refer to small-scale tables and chairs. Contrary to the French cafe definition, the fairy garden bistro tables may be round, square, or rectangle, with an array of styles that fit a variety of themes. Manufactured from metal, resin, or polystone, the bistro sets are designed for the porch on a miniature house. They also work well on the grassy yards in the fairy garden whether it is in an outdoor landscape or smaller-scale container. For the natural, rustic look there are round tables and chairs cut by hand from trees that fell in the nearby forest. Consider the scale of each fairy garden accessory, since some of the tables and chairs are dainty-size for tea cup miniature gardens or large enough to fit in a 1:12 scale dollhouse.

When it comes to the individual fairy garden tables, they also come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. The trendy fairies, along with their troll and gnomes friends, use the tables as part of a grouping with other pieces of furniture or individually as an accent in the fairy garden.

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