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Happy Mother's Day
Dear Fellow Gardeners
 What's Growing On...
Happy Mother's Day  

Reminder: Mother's Day will soon be here.

On Saturday & Sunday, May 8th and 9th come celebrate Mother's Day at the greenhouse with a FREE cut flower Rose Stem for all Mothers.  There will be special planters and gifts just for mom along with inspiring displays and great garden gifts.  All greenhouses are filled with flowers, fragrances and color.  You can find more information on our website.

 Hanging Basket Care...
Begonia Basket  

Keeping Your Hanging Basket Looking Beautiful

You have picked out the perfect basket for Mom or yourself and now want to be sure to keep it looking good and growing well all season  Here are a few tips to help:  water when the soil is dry on the surface, most baskets like to be moist but not wet, allow to dry out in between waterings.  Fertilize with a general balanced fertilizer according to product directions (usually every 7-14 days) this will help to keep the flowers blooming and the plant healthy.  Trim plants when they begin to look "leggy" or stretched, a small hair cut will give them a chance to branch out more and keep them blooming longer.  Be sure to watch for any disease issues and treat as soon as possible.  These are a few tips to keep that spring basket looking good well into summer.  We also have a couple of plant guides for Begonia and Fuchsia baskets on our website.


See you for Mother's Day!


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