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Dear Fellow Gardeners
 What's Growing On...
Crop failures '

You can't always get what you want...


Right after we publish our yearly plant catalog we always start receiving cancellations of much anticipated plants. This year is turning out to be especially tough. Due to COVID, snow storms in Texas and a huge backlog of freight in the states and all over the world, we and our suppliers are seeing lots of frozen plants, crop failures, shipping and production delays etc.

It seems like we all have to constantly be on our toes checking and making alternative decisions to make things move along.


Among a few of the plants that we are not getting this year are Ensete Red Banana', 'Centaurea Mercury', 'Begonia maculata', and 'Baptisia Plum Rose'. In addition to that, most of our bright colorful pottery will not reach us until mid May! We will let you know on Facebook when we receive it so please head on over and make sure to LIKE us so you will see our posts!


Thankfully there will be plenty of other gorgeous plants awaiting you when we open... oh well there is always another year to try out the huge ornamental Red Banana plant!

People, Pets and Plants...
People, Pets & Plants  

Creating space for all


When planning a new garden or changing an existing one, be sure to include a place for people to gather to enjoy the garden and the outdoors.  Design a sanctuary for dining, reading or just relaxing. Constructing an area for table, chairs, a bench or a group of comfortable pillows to lounge in will offer a space for all to gather. 

A firepit will also add warmth and light when taking in the fall night sky.  The addition of a fountain to the outdoor area will add an element of sound to the space. 

And, let's not forget about the family pet(s).  They too will love to have a place in the garden made for four legs.  A mound can provide a hiding place for the feline in the family and a turf tough surface will surely make Fido happy.  Planning a stone or mulch path or run area will save your lawn from various dog problems.  Be mindful when choosing plants: look for plants that can stand up to pet traffic like evergreens, trees and other shrubs along with types of steppable plants that will create a pet friendly landscape. There are endless possiblities for creating an inviting outdoor space(s).  So start planning and preparing to get outside and enjoy your yard and garden this season!


See you in Spring!


From all of us at
Winter Greenhouse


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