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Sky is the limit  

It is cold outside...


But inside the sky is the limit. On sunny days the mood is always high at the greenhouse. This week had us trying to come up with fun Plant Scavenger Hunt riddles. We were running from one house to the other to out-riddle each other. From guessing which plant name would match 'Feline that tells stories...?' to 'What kind of shrub likes to play catch in the forest?'

You can look forward to trying to guess the riddles yourself when you visit this spring and summer. Ask for a riddle sheet at the checkout and enjoy the gardens in a completely new way. If you will have half as much fun as we did coming up with this, it will be a success.

 What's New...
Dwarf Blue Spruce Picea Sester  

Tree Trivia


  • One of the best things about trees is that they add to the beauty of the world. 
  • Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth, and never die of old age. Some bristlecone pines and giant sequois are four to five thousand years old!
  • Planting trees can assist in reducing your energy costs.  Strategically planting trees and shrubs can save you up to twenty-five percent on your energy bills.  They afford shade in the summer and can provide a windbreak in the winter.
  • Tree rings can predict climate change.  Dating a tree by studying its rings is called Dendrochronology.  A tree's rings not only can reveal its age, they can also indicate the occurence of natural disasters like a drought event or a volcanic eruption.  A thick ring indicates years of a healthy supply of resources and good growth.  When resources are scarce in the ecosystem the ring is thin.
  • Trees block noise by reducing sound waves.  The phenomenon called sound attenuation, which is the reduction of sound intensity is how trees reduce noise.  Branches, leaves and twigs on trees, shrubs, and herbaceous growth absorb and deflect sound waves to shield unwanted noise.
  • Trees are able to communicate and defend themselves against insects.  According to scientists, trees can flood their leaves with chemicals called phenolics when the insects begin their attack.  Trees can also warn other trees so they can start their own defense.
  • Trees grow from the top.  Meristems are the areas from which a tree grows taller and limbs grow longer.  They grow from their most distal ends, meaning a branch will always be the same height as it was the day it developed from the trunk as a tiny bud.  These branches may not always be there due to the fact that many trees shed their lowest branches as they grow.

These are just a few reasons to get out there and plant some trees! You can check out all of the new tree and shrub varieties available this season.


See you soon and stay safe!


From all of us at
Winter Greenhouse


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