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Dear Fellow Gardeners
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Thuja occid. Full Speed A Hedge  

Trees Are Important

Plants some trees!  The reasons can be endless, so here are just a few.  Air: the leaves and bark absorb harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for us to breathe.  Water: catching rainwater can assist in reducing the dangers of natural disasters such as landslides and flooding. Biodiversity: one tree can provide a home for a multitude of species, including fungi, insects, animals, moss and plants.  Climate: pollution and excessive heat are turning into a real threat.  A mature tree can absorb forty-eight pounds of carbon dioxide per year.  Health: trees allow us to connect with nature, help to reduce anxiety and stress and protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun.  Social Impact: there are countless job opportunities throughout the forestry industry.  We rely on trees for timber to build homes, burning wood for heating and cooking, and provide food for both people and animals.  So, why not plant some trees and shrubs to help improve our environment.  Start your planning by reviewing our catalog of the new and other varieties available.

New this season, the nursery yard will be stocking several varieties of large B&B (Ball & Burlap) trees.  So if you didn't get that tree planted twenty years ago, you can get it done now.

 Addition to the Catalog...
Salix Iceberg Alley  

Salix Iceberg Alley

A small shrub with silver, powdery foliage that will add texture and and contrast to any landscape.  It's rounded habit will not take over reaching five feet in height and spread.  It blooms in spring with a very pretty silver catkin with red stamen.  Grows best in full sun and you don't have to be afraid to prune this salix.  It will do well in moist soil and you can cut the the stems in early spring for a decorative bouquet of catkins. 

This one did not make it into the catalog and we wanted to let you know it will be available this season. 


See you soon and stay safe!


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