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Bonus Bills  

Happy 4th of July!

Celebrate the Red, White and Blue with the greenhouse and use your Bonus Bills!

Now thru Wednesday, July 31st

It is now time to use those Bonus Bills you have received in April and May.  (One for every $10 purchased in April/May to learn more).  It is a good time to add new trees, shrubs and perennials to your landscape.  Freshen up that bare spot with a Hydrangea, or plant a Maple or Magnolia in memory of a loved one.  Add an Apple, Cherry or Plum to your orchard or start your fruit tree collection.  There's a great selection of Hostas to add to your shade garden along with Astilbe and/or Ligularia and Cimicifuga which bloom in late summer.  What's in your wallet?  Make sure the Bonus Bills are in there when you visit the Greenhouse in Julywink

 Pick of the Week...

Houseplant Highlight:  Peperomia - Watermelon, Ripple, Rainbow

There are over 1000 varieties of Peperomia Plants.  They are delightful, easy-to-grow houseplants that have been around for years and are still popular.  One reason for their popularity is that it's such an easy indoor plant.  Also, it's one of the better small houseplants, it doesn't require a lot of room to grow.  All Peperomia plants are semi-succulents with very similar care requirements.  The leaves of Peperomia are thick, plump and can be smooth and shiney or textured. The fleshy leaves contribute to their drought tolerance and vigor. The color of the leaves come in various shades of red, green, cream and gray in variegated, marbled, or solid; large, heart-shaped or tiny.  The flowers are insignificant and small, growing in clusters on upright conical spikes.  One thing all Peperomia plants share is that they are slow-growing and low maintenance.  Smaller plants can be used in terrariums and dish gardens and compact Peperomia are great for tables and some can make excellent hanging plants.  So, if you haven't had much luck with flowering houseplants, Peperomia with its highly ornamental foiliage, would be a good choice!

 Artist Profile...
Arlene Bozicnik Artwork  

Art in the Garden Featured Artist

You won't want to miss Art in the Garden coming up on Saturday, July 13th. There will be several artists displaying, demonstrating and selling their work.  Food and music will also be part of this event. Learn more about this event and others on our website

One of the artists scheduled to be here is Arlene Bozicnik.  Here is a photo of a piece of her pottery and information about Arlene.

When I was a kid I played in the mud.  Then I went to school and learned about clay.  Now I am a potter and I create the most unique pottery in the Northwoods!  Born in Chicago, and grew up in Downers Grove, IL where I took all kinds of art and ceramics classes during high school.  I made my first thrown pot in 1969 which my mom saved and I still have it!  I attended the College of DuPage where I studied Art Ceramics Design and Drawing.  In 1973 I set out on the road doing art fairs, meeting people and making friends.  I put on 15-20,000 miles doing shows and festivals.  I don't miss the road, just the people I met along the way!  I built a new house with a big studio in the woods of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin and opened Arlene's Pottery & Gallery.  I get my inspiration from right outside my door or a walk in the woods.  My work is very different from other potters, I never leave anything plain.  When I started my art career 45+ years ago I was told to be different, trust me, I am!  I tell customers that you will never see pottery like mine any place else in the world.  They broke the mold after I was made!



Come see us soon!


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