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New Vegetables for 2019

Growing food is certainly not a new trend, more and more people have an interest in where their food comes from and how it is grown.  You don't need acres of land to have the ability to grow your own food.  A majority of gardeners have realized you can grow a surprising amount food in a limited space.  Planting and growing vegetables can be done in landscapes of all sizes.  For smaller spaces, utilizing a container or hanging basket to grow herbs and tomatoes works well and is decorative at the same time.  A vertical planter for herbs is another idea.  Start your planning and plotting where and what veggies to plant for your dinner table this season.  A complete list of vegetables is  online.

 Pick of the Week...
Pothos Devil's Ivy  

Houseplant Highlight:  Pothos Devil's Ivy


Indoor plants have become amazingly popular.  Well known for their health and wellness benefits, they also can immediately make a a space feel more chic.  Houseplants bring a piece of nature into our modernized, tech-driven lifestyles and connect our homes to the outdoors.  This week's pick is ....


Pothos, "Devil's Ivy" is a vine that produces heart-shaped, waxy foliage that can vary from green to bright yellow and green.  It is a relatively easy plant to grow and is mostly pest and disease free.  So even if you feel you have a black thumb when it comes to houseplants, give this one a try, Pothos thrives on neglect!  Grown indoors, Pothos adds abundant green to tabletop planters or hanging baskets and planters with trellises to allow the vines to climb.


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