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Dear Fellow Gardeners
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Succulent Starts  

Preparation for Spring


It was cold out!!!!  In a few months when we are surrounded by the warmth and colors of spring, it will be easy to forget the record setting cold period that we experienced during the last week of January.  Fear not.  Green is growing in the warm greenhouse and spring is just around that proverbial corner.  Our production staff is already at work prepping, preparing, planting, and propagating.  The attention to detail is what makes one flower brighter than another, and we are aiming for the brightest spring ever!  The first signs of life will be visable soon, and the dreams of gardening will become a reality.  No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to followsmiley


 Plant of the Year...
Pilea Chinese Money Plant  

House Plant of the Year


Pilea Peperomoides, "Chinese Money Plant" is just one of the many houseplants trending right now. Pilea is everywhere:  social media, magazines, stores, etc. It's a low maintenance foliage plant that brings a warm green color to any home.  Pilea is also known as pancake plant, UFO plant, lefse plant or missionary plant due to its flat, coin-shaped foliage. It has an upright stem, surrounded on all sides by its perky peltate leaves. The plant's bright green color contrasts attractively against white walls, which is perhaps why it's so highly sought after in the minimalist interior design world.  Get out the green and cash in on this one! Available on-line here.


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