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Dear Fellow Gardeners
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Grow Your Own

The days are getting longer and it will soon be time to put your winter wear away for another season and the frozen, white area outside will soon bear resemblance to your yard.


Growing your own produce is a great way to supplement your fruit and vegetable purchases from your local farmers market or supermarket.  Take the time to start a garden when the threat of the last frost is over and the soil has warmed for those roots to take hold.  In a couple of months you will be happily rewarded with delicious, nutritious produce fresh from your own backyard.  Start  your planning now by checking out the new vegetables available this season in our catalog. 

For many gardenders, growing a veggie garden has become a lifetime's habit!

 The Year Of...
Herb of the Year  

The Herb of the Year 2018


This year it is Hops Humulus ssp.  The hop plant is a herbaceous perennial vine, highly ornamental and especially vigorous growing.  Hops have fragrant, wind-pollinated flowers that attract butterflies.  There are approximately 120 varieties of plants with flavors ranging from floral, herbal, spicy, fruity, citrusy, evergreen and earthy. We currently have 'Bianca', 'Nugget', and 'Williamette', which are hardy in zone 3. Hops are the female flowers of the bines which are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer. Hops give beer its distinctive bitter taste though they are also used for other purposes in herbal medicines and beverages.  Hops are also decorative, the beautiful flowers/cones can be used in arrangements, wreaths and garlands.  They can also be eaten and provide a good source of fiber.  The young bines can be trimmed from the plants and used in salads, grilled or baked.  Hops can be used in the landscape making a nice addition to a garden to add shade or privacy to an area. They will grow best in full sun and in a rich, well draining soil. We show them listed under Climbing Vines on page 32 in the catalog!


Plant, grow and enjoy!


Come see us in spring!


From all of us at
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