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Weather in Winter

Partly cloudy skies this morning will become overcast during the afternoon. High 26F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Prune ~ In late fall or early spring prune out old wood or damaged limbs on your roses and fruit trees. Do not prune spring blooming forsythia, azaleas, lilacs, etc.
  • Spray Animal Deterrents ~ As recommended by manufacturer.
  • Bone Meal ~ In fall and spring apply to everything that blooms including bulb and perennial beds, flowering shrubs and trees.
  • Soil Activator (Humate) ~ Apply fall and spring two years in a row for maximum results to all plants, lawns and gardens.
  • Tree Trunk Protection ~ Snap on plastic tree wrap for all trees up to about 3"-4" diameter. We stock three sizes.
  • Peat Moss, Leaf Compost or ComPeat ~ Add to beds you are working up. Work into surface of old beds.
  • Shredded Bark ~ The most important step you can do for trees and yard shrubs besides watering is mulching with good shredded bark.
  • Aluminum Sulphate ~ Apply to blue hydrangeas to make the flowers blue.
  • Elemental Sulfur or Ammonium Sulfur ~ Apply to acid loving plants like azaleas, blueberries and rhododendrons.
  • Tree and Shrub Food ~ (Fertilome dry) ~ Apply to all trees & shrubs, in fall.
  • Insect problems this year? ~ Apply Fertilome Scalecide - Kills over wintering eggs + insects.
  • Bulb Food ~ Apply to all bulbs, new and existing plantings.
  • Lime ~ Apply to gardens, flowerbeds and lawns to raise pH.
  • Gypsum ~ Apply to gardens, flowerbeds, shrubs and lawns. Great source of calcium and sulfur; helps loosen up clay soils and helps neutralize dog urine and salt damage.
  • New Beds ~ Rototill in all soil amendments and apply shredded bark.
  • Fall Perennials ~ Perennials, planted in September to early October do great the following year. Water and then mulch heavily for winter protection. There are however several perennials like marginally hardy mums, Echinacea (Coneflower) and Miscanthus Grasses that are best not planted later than beginning of August for better overwintering.
  • Cabin People ~ Plant now. Water each weekend.
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