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Bareroot Days 2018

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, May 3rd - May 5th ~ 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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Areas of freezing fog early. Areas of fog early, becoming sunny this afternoon. High near 35F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

Bareroot Visitors of All Sizes
Bareroot Visitors of All Sizes

It is Spring
It is Spring!!!

Bareroot Strawberries
Bareroot Strawberries

Choosing a Good Apple Tree
Choosing a Good Apple Tree

The Flowers are Waiting for You
Inside the Flowers are Waiting for You

Shopping with Dad
Shopping with Dad

The 2018 season gets going with our three-day Bareroot Sale.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again!

As always, during this sale, all bareroot nursery stock is sold at 25% off the regular potted price. The sale includes most of our ornamental trees, fruit trees and shrubs. In addition, our selection of small fruits and roses come bareroot and are also 25% off the regular price.

This year the Winter High School Band members will be cooking up brats on the grill outside. If we are lucky they may play a tune as well. Please make sure to visit for a bite while shopping for bareroot trees and shrubs. The proceeds from their brat sales will help fund their band trips during the season.

We have found that bare root plants thrive when planted in the cool spring weather and perform equally well compared to container grown plants. They are also much easier to handle!

They can be stored safely for at least a week provided they are kept moist and cool. Please ask our staff for more care information and for our handouts, which we believe you will find very helpful. Our staff is also available to answer any additional questions on planting and pruning, or choosing the right plants for your location. Experts from Bailey Nursery will also be on hand Thursday morning.

For highlights and details on some of the new 2018 varieties, please refer to our plant catalog for photos and a complete listing.

In addition to the wide selection of bareroot plants available, there are many trees and shrubs that are available in containers only. These include all of the evergreens and a few other trees and shrubs. In the catalog, any nursery item listed without a 'Ct' in the column will be for sale as bareroot at the sale. After May 6th everything will be potted up in containers.

Even though it may still be a little cool outside, the greenhouses are already full. New plant introductions are making their debut. New varieties, new colors, improved hardiness and garden performance along with better disease resistance, and more controlled habit, are some of the reasons you'll want to choose these plants for your own gardens. If you do purchase something, just keep in mind it may need to be kept in a warm area until the threat of frost is past.

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