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We have a hard working team who care a lot about their work and enjoy doing it. We are focused on serving our customers consistently in the best possible way. We value thoughtfulness and high quality, and work hard to keep those values up front and center.

Greenhouse worker

As a Greenhouse worker you will make lots of new plants from seedlings and cuttings. You will transplant them into bigger pots, and move them into greenhouses where they will continue to grow and be sold. There are lots of hours standing, carrying and bending so it helps to be flexible and enjoy being physically active. You may also water and fertilize the plants, clean them up, trim them and make sure they are free of diseases and insects. We will train you thoroughly how to do all the required tasks. It is a great way to learn more about plants and how to grow them.

You will be trained how to serve customers well and make them familiar with the location and requirements of our various plants. By the end of April the plants are ready for a new home and customer service becomes the primary focus.

Nursery and Landscaping worker

Our nursery has a wide selection of trees, shrubs, evergreens, and fruits. Daily tasks include moving in trees from our tree yard, weeding and trimming trees and shrubs, pricing and organizing new inventory, and making attractive displays.

When you are experienced and trained you will help customers select the plants they need, and give them tips for plant care and maintenance.

Outside of the busiest season there are many different things to do at the greenhouse including repairs and maintenance. Some handyman-skills are needed and well appreciated. We start in April and work into November (depending on weather).

Landscaping means lots of digging, hauling and planting. You need to have a strong back and a will to finish the job. We plant trees, shrub, and perennials according to designs we make. We sometimes make small flagstone paths, or put edging around a flower bed. Soil amending, mulching and watering are standard practices. We create beautiful gardens for our landscaping customers, and have a great team who love what they are doing and enjoy working together. Equipment knowledge is not needed for this job. When not landscaping for customers, we have plenty of yard work and handyman work at the nursery. We begin landscaping in April and work through November - depending on the weather.

We are looking for someone who is willing and capable of doing both landscaping and nursery/handyman work. We have found in practice that they complement each other well, and the experience is useful when helping customers.

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